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специальный принтер

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хочу у вас узнать. есть ли такой специальный принтер, для печатания этикеток?



конечно есть.
я видел в городе у нас.
стоит он примерно в 2 раза дороже обычного.



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Mikhail yelled after us.
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Around the time I graduated from high school and got a job, I had a new hobby, which gradually absorbed me almost entirely. Let's call it "esoteric". I have always been a mystic by nature, rejecting a purely rational and reasonable approach to life, and, in the end, became so consciously. I was madly attracted by everything mysterious, incomprehensible, incomprehensible, connected with magic, religion, spirituality (all this was mixed up for me into some kind of single whole) ...
Hermione sighed dreamily out the window.
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If only they lived. He told several cases from his life about interaction with his mother-in-law, how they came to understanding and peace in the family. While we were talking, Galya herself sat down next to me, climbed into her pants, and played with a brand new toy.
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